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IP Telecom Solutions provides the following products:

  • Hosted IP PBX
  • Premise based IP PBX
  • Voice and Data Structured Wiring
  • Telephone System Service and Support
  • VoIP Telecom Services

Out of state installations are welcome, additional charges may apply.

IP Telecom Solutions

IP Telecom offers its clients over 50 years of experience in phone system design, installation and support. Serving companies nationwide, IP Telecom has an established history of helping businesses install and maintain phone systems.

Leveraging our significant experience and knowledge, we have a long history of efficiently installing and supporting companies so that we not only meet their telecommunication needs but also give them the ability to deliver effective, enhanced services to the valuable customers they serve. Our business model is designed to allow us to:

• Choose and recommend the best telecommunications platform and equipment based on our client’s specific needs.

• Specialize in serving multi-locational companies.

• Provide service and support beyond normal business hours to maximize our ability to provide optimal services.

• And, stay with our clients from the early fact-finding stage through ongoing system and company support.

When we speak of being fully-invested every step of the way, we have created a company that gives us this ability. We encourage you to check out the Customer Journey to get a thorough look at how we serve our clients and how we can serve you.


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