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There are two types of businesses: those that want to stay the same, and those that want to move forward. Momentum’s hosted PBX service is for the innovators ready to drive business growth today, ready to break free from premise equipment and embrace the power of cloud PBX communications.

The potential of VoIP business solutions extends far beyond the actual phone that sits on your desk. Hosted VoIP for business is an Internet-based system with the tools that provide you a way to stay connected to your business voice services wherever work may take you.

Cloud PBX services transform your business communications solution into one that can be accessed outside the confines of the office from a cell phone, PC, handset or a home phone. It’s all about services and products that can be utilized on multiple devices and help you communicate in multiple formats.

Momentum recognizes that every business has unique needs — needs that are everchanging. That’s why we have an intuitive portal that lets users modify your feature settings on the fly and have designed our entire business VoIP service product line to be easily scalable and highly customizable.

Best of all, upgrading your communications solution even benefits your budget. The prices of extensions and long distance phone calls with VoIP business solutions are lower than traditional PBX systems yielding a more cost-effective solution. Better communications, better price.

Stuck with on-premise hardware that hasn’t depreciated? Momentum is also a SIP provider. Check out our wide selection of fully-hosted and integrated solutions.

Business Solutions

Business Voice

ns_bv_enterpriseTailored solutions, enterprise-grade features and low-cost services – all from one of the industry’s most reliable Hosted PBX providers.

Momentum’s Business Voice is ideal for businesses with 10 to 10,000 seats – scalable for growing SMBs and robust enough to support the enterprise voice needs of large businesses.

Join the Momentum network and you will access the next-generation features, superior voice quality and unparalleled customer support. Momentum maintains and manages services in the cloud so your business can reduce IT-related expense and free-up valuable office space by eliminating in-house equipment.

Get familiar with our business Hosted VoIP and PBX service below and contact us to start saving today.

Auto Attendant

ns_autoattendantVirtual Receptionist: Meet Your New Cloud-Based Assistant

Momentum knows today’s SMBs are looking for communication solutions packed with features that both simplify AND enhance an on-the-go work schedule.

Each Auto Attendant service is assigned a dedicated 10-digit local or toll free phone number and comes with Voicemail and Extension/Directory Dialing.

Other highlighted Auto Attendant features include:

AUTO ATTENDANT – Present a big company image to your callers with a full-time automated receptionist.

Your virtual assistant answers the phone with a pre-recorded, personalized message and provides customers with up to twelve routing options. It also includes standard and custom greetings options, and specialized prompts for specific business hour and after hour time schedules.

RING GROUPS – Never leave a caller hanging again.

Ring Groups forward calls from your Auto Attendant to a preset group of numbers. This ensures that incoming calls are attended to even when you are unavailable. One free Ring Group, complete with its own voicemail box, is included with every Auto Attendant.

VOICEMAIL TO EMAIL – Keep tabs on your voicemail anywhere, anytime.

When a call is picked up by voicemail, the message is sent straight to user’s email and can be accessed conveniently via mobile device, personal laptop or any other Internet-enabled device.

ANONYMOUS CALL REJECTION – Avoid tying up your lines with unwanted callers.

Reject incoming callers who have blocked their directory or identification information. Anonymous callers will hear an intercept message when they call your number.


ns_bv_mobilityStay connected with a mobile business phone system

Work is an activity, not a place. To survive in today’s corporate world, you need a business line you can take wherever you go. You need solutions equipped with mobile features and services.

Tackle your workday on your own terms with Momentum’s mobility products. All of our cloud-based services are designed to support a multi-space work environment. With hosted services from Momentum, business communications can travel from a remote job site, to a home office, and back to your desk at work.

The foundation of this solution is a portable office line – a number you can make and receive professional calls with from any place, on any phone. Now you can be accessible to your customers and colleagues without being tied to one work location.


Cloud Disaster Recovery

ns_bv_disasterrecoveryOur network reliability guarantees your business continuity

Disaster can strike at anytime. Whether driven by natural catastrophe or human-error, a power outage or Internet connectivity failure, the impact of downtime is huge.

Organizations that lack the tools to recover IT communications, risk the loss of employee productivity, sales opportunities, revenue, and even valuable customers. That’s why smart businesses prepare with reliable IP.

Making Momentum a part of your Disaster Recovery can save your business or call center from the unthinkable. Momentum’s core network infrastructure is supported by servers in multiple locations across the country, making our reliable IP network geo-redundant. In the event of a failure that takes one office’s switch down, another location will back it up to maintain 100% network reliability.

Momentum’s Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking products also support Disaster Recovery with 100% network uptime by ensuring that users can access their business communications in a number of different ways. If you can get to some form of Internet, you can get to your business communications with inbound and outbound business identity dialing.

In the event of disruption, our comprehensive Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution is a safety net that enables the survival of business communications and operations during critical times.

Toll Free Numbers

ns_bv_tollfree1-800 Numbers – The prefix with instant credibility


Establish your local business as a national player with Momentum’s toll free number service. Introducing 800 numbers to your company is a surefire way to increase customer response.


  • Transfer existing toll free numbers or select new available 855, 866, 877, 888, 800 numbers
  • Draw clients nationwide providing a way to connect without incurring charges
  • Increase revenue with a vanity number that strengthens branding
  • Point calls to a single line to centralize remote workers and multiple locations
  • Use unique 800#s to track marketing success of specific channels or promos
SIP Trunking



The fastest growing segment of business VoIP? SIP Trunking. Here’s why:

Maybe a brand new phone system isn’t part of this year’s budget. Perhaps your legacy or IP PBX hardware hasn’t fully depreciated. But that doesn’t mean your business can’t take a phased approach and begin migrating to and enjoying the savings of an entirely hosted solution.

That’s where SIP trunk providers come in. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking dial tone service enables businesses that are not quite ready to eliminate previously purchased server equipment to gradually transition to a more flexible hybrid solution.

Momentum understands that businesses want to get full value out of every investment and is proud to offer a solution. Momentum SIP Trunking is a business-class solution designed to deliver affordable Voice over IP service with advanced telephony features to an existing PBX system.The benefits of choosing a well-known SIP provider are clear. Take it from customers who have made the switch with Momentum.
Call Recording

ns_bv_callrecordingVoIP recording software built to improve your business


A call recording platform that puts you in control. Call recording is not just another add-on service – it is a business critical application used to fulfill business requirements and meet industry regulations. Momentum Call Recording is a full-featured application that seamlessly integrates with your CRM and runs on user-defined terms. Your business, your rules.

Hosted Call Recording Solution: Taking call recording to the cloud offers huge value. Our VoIP recorder Software as a service (SaaS) helps your business maximize operational efficiency and deliver better customer service.

Call Reporting

ns_bv_callreportingCALL REPORTING

Monitor. Manage. Measure. – All with Call Tracking Software from Momentum


Efficient communications are essential to successful everyday business operations.

Overrun queues and long call wait times are just not acceptable in today’s business world. Many organizations are seeking the technology to overcome the challenge of effectively handling a high volume of incoming calls with limited resources.

Businesses of all types, especially call center operations and the customer service industry, are recognizing the value comprehensive call tracking software delivers. Integrating a powerful SaaS call management solution like Momentum Call Reporting can help staff to identify calling patterns, pinpoint areas for improvement and develop strategies to better manage calls.

Momentum Call Reporting is a cloud-based solution complete with wallboard display options that provide cumulative call statistics at-a-glance, real-time call activity and historical data. Leveraging the interactive platform, businesses can optimize existing employee and fiscal resources to achieve higher service levels

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