The IP Telecom Solutions – Customer Journey

Integrated Phone Systems and Network Wiring

IP TELECOM’S CUSTOMER JOURNEY – Fully-invested every step of the way.

STEP 1: Every journey with IP Telecom begins with thorough fact-finding. Leveraging 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we intimately understand what key questions we need to ask you and how to translate your responses into a needs analysis that allows us to give you a personalized recommendation that addresses your company’s unique structure and sensitivities.

STEP 2: Once we have conducted a thorough review of your needs, we evaluate the platforms, systems and features available in the marketplace using vendors that we know and trust. We hand-deliver to you a timely recommendation with a detailed proposal. Every proposal we deliver is presented in person to confirm your understanding, satisfaction and to make any adjustments that may be encountered during the proposal review process.

STEP 3: Upon your acceptance of our service proposal and completion of agreements, we initiate the detailed process of establishing a complete work plan, ordering and securing equipment, coordinating installation, working with any needed contractors, handling technical issues, and making sure that your system is installed properly.

Fully-invested every step of the way.
STEP 4: Once your system is installed and we are fully confident that all is working correctly, we take great care in making sure your staff is thoroughly trained and supported. We are dedicated to making sure your staff fully understands not only how to operate the system, but also how to maximize the extended functionality that commonly comes with the installation of a new phone system.

Knowledgeable. Reliable. Experienced. Fully-invested every step of the way.
STEP 5: As an IP Telecom customer, we pride ourselves on staying present and supportive so that we may consistently give you access to our knowledge, prove our reliability, help you leverage our experience, and show you that IP Telecom truly fully-invested EVERY step of the way.

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