IP Telecom enables your business workforce to collaborate regardless of location, applications used, department, and geographic area that your business is operating in. Businesses are driven by employee collaboration and through having the ability to collaborate as multiple teams within an organization.

Are you considering an investment in Citrix? Do you already have an existing investment in Citrix? Maximize your ROI by tapping into Star2Star– we are the only UCaaS provider that is uniquely certified to provide high-quality voice within the Citrix environment. Give your employees the freedom and flexibility to access all work processes and applications from anywhere.


If you are a Citrix user and are considering a desktop strategy, think about how unified communications and collaboration can be leveraged as part of your remote workforce enablement protocol.


IP Telecom delivers collaboration solutions that accelerate your teams’ ability to effectively communicate with all departments and colleagues within your organization. Workforce enablement is the name of the game!


We are busy providing connectivity solutions and have been doing an amazing job delivering to their customers– there has been a serious uptick in implementation. Contact us today to find out why so many new and existing users are taking advantage of the resources we offer that integrate telecommunications with business applications as a means of collaboration, and unify your communications today.