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We use today’s technology to upgrade your business communications.

Who is IP Telecom Solutions?

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IP Telecom Solutions – Integrated Phone Systems and Network Wiring

IP Telecom offers its clients over 50 years of experience in phone system design, installation and support. Serving companies nationwide, IP Telecom has an established history of helping businesses install and maintain phone systems.

Leveraging our significant experience and knowledge, we have a long history of efficiently installing and supporting companies so that we not only meet their telecommunication needs but also give them the ability to deliver effective, enhanced services to the valuable customers they serve. Our business model is designed to allow us to:

• Choose and recommend the best telecommunications platform and equipment based on our client’s specific needs.

• Specialize in serving multi-locational companies.

• Provide service and support beyond normal business hours to maximize our ability to provide optimal services.

• And, stay with our clients from the early fact-finding stage through ongoing system and company support.

When we speak of being fully-invested every step of the way, we have created a company that gives us this ability. We encourage you to check out the Customer Journey to get a thorough look at how we serve our clients and how we can serve you.


Hiring IP Telecom Solutions decreased the time and cost of switching our users to a new phone system.

Andrea S.

IP Telecom is a solid, reliable  system and Jim is extremely responsive. He understands true customer service and delivers it intuitively.

Anne Marie Gattari

President, Brightstar Care

Moving to a new phone system can be a nightmare. I want to thank Jim Walling, IP Telecom Solutions LLC , for making this transition unnoticeable and for the training and support you have given us. Your support was greatly appreciated. You had our phone system replaced in record time. THANK YOU!

Debi Accurso

Controller, KC Jones Plating Company

D&S Contractors has hired IP Telecom on a number of occasions for data and phone wiring.  Excellent service and consistent pricing.  Jim and his installation crew are also very accommodating when tight schedules are presented.  Without question, I would highly recommend IP Telecom Solutions.

David Przygoda

President, D&S Contractors, Inc.


1. When your company has multiple locations and needs a phone system that effectively and efficiently connects the company regardless of company geography.

2. When your company is moving to a new location or adding additional locations.

3. When your company employs staff that are mobile or remote and connecting them into your systems seamlessly is critical to quality service.

4. When your company is growing quickly and you need more lines, more support tools, and better tracking.

5. When your customers are not happy with your call support services. (i.e. they are frustrated with automated phone trees, extended hold times, unresolved issues)

6. When your company is going through a merger and/or acquisition.

7. When your current provider is raising prices without delivering extended services.


IP Telecom Solutions provides, hosted VOIP, IP PBX, Voice and Data Structured Wiring, System Support, as well as fast and reliable Service. Click image for more information!


IP Telecom Solutions is a Premier Channel Partner, providing custom and standard services for small to large businesses, government and institutions. Click image for more information!

Star2Star Communications

No matter what your business need, size, or industry type, Star2Star Communications delivers reliable Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions customized for your environment. Click image for more information!


Momentum offers residential, small business, and enterprise Voice over IP services, broadband monitoring and provisioning and managed support services. Click image for more information!


Every successful business owner knows the critical importance of clear effective communication. Today, a phone system isn’t simply a mechanism to talk to your customer – it is now one of the most important multi-faceted business tools a company can purposefully integrate and benefit from.

Installing an effective phone system with advanced technology, however, introduces two major considerations that every company must recognize and address:

1) The exciting recognition that new technology, while complex, can provide a platform for delivering a higher level of customer service; combined with a multitude of opportunities leading to global improvements in company infrastructure. AND,

2) The potential daunting task of: a) finding the right system, b) choosing the best provider, c) overseeing the installation or migration, d) integrating the new technology into the business without business disruption, and, e) making sure that all staff are thoroughly trained so as to maximize the new functionality.

IP Telecom Solutions core mission is helping busy companies address these major considerations in a manner where they can fully experience the value of today’s advanced phone technology. IP Telecom Solutions turns what would have been a daunting task into a manageable project handled by a veteran company with decades of experience.

We encourage you to watch the IP Telecom Customer Journey to learn step-by-step how you can receive hands-on dedicated service that turns a powerful technology opportunity into a reality at your company.

Using technology to upgrade communications
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